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News: Rascal Flatts latest album Greatest hits is in stores Now!! Be sure to get it!! It is a great cd!!
Rascal Flatts have a new single called "What Hurts the Most" Please call your local radio staions and request it!!

Welcome To Rascal Flatts Heaven
I chose to do my website on the 3 guys that have inspired me most!!! This group Rascal Flatts is more amazing than any other group I have heard. They have talent, beautiful voices and they are extremely nice, down-to-earth guys.  Jay Demarcus is cute,funny, talented and he gives great hugs!! Gary Levox is cute, nice, and he has an amazing voice!! Joe Don Rooney is Hot, Talented,  and one of the sweeetest guys I ever met. I love you Joe don! Anyways If you never heard of the guys yet you will. I predict they will be one of the biggest groups ever!! 

The Coolest Country Stars
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Joe Don's fave Dessert

Bottom crust:2 cups chopped pecans, 4 cups crushed frosted flakes, 2 sticks butter, melted, 1 cup rice flour. Combine and press into 10 X 14 cake pan. Bake 20 minutes in 375 degree oven. Chill thoroughly.

Other ingredients: 16 ounces cream cheese, 4 cups powder sugar, 4 lg pkgs instant lemon pudding, 4 cups cool whip

First layer: Combine cream cheese with powder sugar. Fold in 2 cups cool whip. Spread over crust & chill.

Second Layer: Mix pudding & milk until slightly thickened. Spread over first layer. Chill 8-10 hours.

Before serving: Top with 2 cups of cool whip.

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