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Do you have a review of A Rascal Flatts song or CD or Concert? I would love to hear your opinion. just email me here: paulslowplacesgirl@yahoo.com

Review #1
I went to a rascal flatts concert on Jan. 20 2002, and i was the greatest concert that I have ever been to. It was a concert/interview. And i got to ask a question.....I asked Jay if he was single cause I am hahaha he laughed...... then I got to meet them and Jay is so beautiful...........But their vocies took my breath away they sound just like angels singing I loved every minute of it.........I can't wait to go to another concert again!!!!!!!!!!!!ANDREA

Review #2

Hey! I have seen Rascal Flatts in concert 2 times and I am in thier fanclub and have met them. I think both of their concerts were awesome,theyare such talented people,and will keep you laughing, not to mention they are
very hot! I would suggest going to one of their concerts if you want to see
people that have great voices and just want to have fun because believe me
you will. They are also very nice and down to earth people.

Review #3

I have seen Rascal flatts 5 Times in concert and have had the pleasure of meeting them many times and going to there fan club party. I Just want everyone one to know that if you haven't heard the " glory of life " on the We were soldiers soundtrack GET IT . Gary by far has the most beautiful voice I think I have ever heard . I have never seen 3 men that are down to earth, careing and passionate about there music and fans. Jay is riot I mean he can make you laugh without even trying it just comes so natural . Joe don what else can I say about Joe don except he is such a sweetheart. I truly feel blessed to have their music and them in my life .


Review # 4

Last night, August 9, 2002, I went to my very first Rascal Flatts concert.
They played here in Sterling, Colorado at the Logan County Fair, as the
opening for Sara Evans. I have never before seen a musical group of any
genere catch the attention and minds of so many people at once, and it was
almost as if each one of their songs spoke to us all in one way or another.
I didn't see one single person in that audience who was not enjoying it!
There was no talking amongst members of that crowd, as we were all
intranced by their delicious songs. It was incredible. They harmonize so
well and they truely know how to sing. They spent a lot of time looking at
their audience too, really looking at who they were singing to. Gary
looked into my eyes more than once, as did Joe Don and Jay. After the
concert I stood in line to have my t-shirt signed by their precious hands.
They were so polite and so kind and they definitely know how to say
"sweetheart" in a way that makes you want to just melt. I must say also
that Jay has the most beautiful blue eyes that I have ever before seen. He
looked at me, into my eyes as I stood there at the table, and I could hardly
contain myself as I looked into his sparkling eyes! Joe Don has a
personality and smile that just makes you love him to death. He's amazingly
cute too. And, Gary is so adorable. He has the voice of an angel,
literally. They are all truely blessed with a gift, and they use their
gift to its fullest extent to bring their wonderful music to their fans. I
love Rascal Flatts! I cannot wait until their new CD is released, and I hope that I can one day go to one of their concerts again,
and perhaps even meet them a second time!!

Stacey S.

Review #5

i just went to my very first Rascal Flatts and Toby Keith concert Last night: Jan.25/03. it was the best concert ever! i just love the Rascal Flatts, they have the greatest voices and the best sense of humor and are so down-to-earth.They are all soooo HOT! i luv Gary the best i just love his voice. i so agree they have the voices of angels. they are such sweet guys and are so much fun they really know how to get the crowd goin. They dance around the stage and look at the audience when they sing and just have so much fun..i cant wait to go to another one of their concerts.
p.s Toby Keith was GREAT as well he is such a down to earth guy and also knows how to have a good time and his voice is wonderful.

Review #6

hey hey hey! I’m Kaitlyn, and I went to my very first rascal flatts concert yesterday, 7-24-03! It was the best day of my whole life almost. When the guys came on Erika and I started jumping up and down screaming!! We were so excited. Then they actually started to sing and it was even better!! This was the best concert I have ever been to!! I can’t wait til they come back to virginia again and I can go and see them. Rascal Flatts are my new favorite people. Plus they are really cute!! I couldn’t take any pictures because it was dark out but it was sure worth going to see them.